Alan Krum Enterprises (AKE)

We specialize in “Outside the Box Thinking – Inside the Budget Results”  providing ideas, designs, and engineering solutions to our local, national and international clients.

Our main focus currently is on developing custom electronics, hardware & software systems for Art, Animatronics, Puppetry, Robotics, and R/C (radio control).  We also provide IT, Internet & VoIP Systems Design / Services & Consulting based on 5+ decades of experience.

We manage the technical aspects & websites of a wide variety of other companies & organizations. 

Our roots date back to 1974 when Alan first created ThorLink.  In 1988 he added KAM Systems which became Thor NorthWest in 2006 and in 2016 has become part of Alan Krum Enterprises, operating as the Imaxinar DM division.  

AKE is the Parent company for several Divisions —

Imaxinar DM (main Operations Div.) Imagine It Now Studio
Synergy Hub ThorLink Portal
Ferrous Folk Lummi Island Data Systems (Li-Data)

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