About AKE

We specialize in “Outside the Box Thinking – Inside the Budget Results”  providing ideas, designs, and engineering solutions to our local, national and international clients.

  • Develop custom electronics, hardware & software systems. 
  • Provide IT, Internet & VoIP Systems Design / Services & Consulting based on 5+ decades of experience.
  • Manage the technical aspects & websites of a wide variety of other companies & organizations. 

Alan Krum Enterprises is a holding company with our roots dating back to 1974 with the creation of ThorLink.  AKE has encompassed 19 corporations & partnerships through the years, while deeply involved in creating several non-profits. 

In 1988 KAM Systems was added to the fold, which grew and became Thor NorthWest in 2006.  In 2016 it was merged into Imaxinar DM – which is now the main operations division.

Current Divisions —

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