Imaxinar DM

Multi-discipline Art & Design

Imaxinar, DeseƱar a Multi-disciplina ~ Imagine, Designing the Multi-discipline

“Outside the Box Thinking, Inside the Budget Results”

Our focus is on developing new creative ideas for Art, Puppetry, Animatronics, Robotics, and R/C (radio control) using our custom electronics, hardware & software. These range in a wide variety from simple “helper” circuit boards to fully integrated robotics & puppetry systems designs.  We also design and use our own items for a wide variety of technology based Mixed Media Art.

Some current designs being developed:

  • An “UpCycle” of a common container found in Supermarkets to create a D.I.Y. battery Luminaire Art Piece
  • – To encourage the re-use of a container instead of it being landfill
  • An Art Installation using Mixed Media depicting an Animatronic Woodland Faerie Glen & Brooke
  • A Show Piece to promote the “Fairhaven Steampunk Festival & The Fantastical Mr. Flip’s Carnival of Wonders & Curiosities”
  • A mobile Video Production Studio built into a ProMaster 3500 van.

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