Alan Krum

Alan Krum

A Technical Generalist with a lifelong interest in all types of Art and Puppetry. In current decades Animatronics, Kinetics, Robotics, Special Effects and Electronics have been added to the mix.  He was a collector of notable art and has always supported Art & Music in schools and the community.  His current interests at his studio lay in creating examples of how to recycle packaging and other items into art projects for adults and children, along with developing community oriented projects.  He is involved in the local Steampunk community and has founded and/or served on Boards for Technical Incubators, Performing Arts, and Social & Environmental Issues.


Hatched in Chicago, IL USA  November 25

Language – Native:    English
Reading:    French · North Germanic · Spanish · Norwegian (Nynorsk) · Romanian Cyrillic
Religious Views:  Pagan ( Naturist – Tree Hugger )
Political Views:   Mark Twain was Spot On:
“The political and commercial morals of the United States are not merely food for laughter,
they are an entire banquet.”

            – Mark Twain in Eruption

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