Curriculum vitae

Alan M. Krum

Alan Krum

Technology and Business Operations, Systems Architect, Engineering, Management, Consulting

    including 24×7 high demand and mission critical multi-site National and International settings

Some of the many Advantages Alan brings to the table:

  • Mature, solid work ethic with Broad industry background
  • Outstanding skills as a Manager, Technical Generalist & Innovator
  • “Outside the box, Inside the Budget” thinking for creative solutions to difficult problems
  • Ability to quickly deliver products and services to market, and keep them viable
  • Fast learner, with tremendous experience in revitalizing, integrating and creating systems
  • Highly Motivated and Detail Oriented
  • Extensive experience working with top management, teams, staff, customers and the public
  • Used to 24x7x365 high demand environments
  • Extensive analyst, project management, customer service, support, and engineering background
  • Flexible, able to work with a variety of equipment and software, with an objective cost vs. goal view

Skill Sets / Industries:

  • Staff Mgmt, Development, Recruiting
  • Project, Systems, Program, Database Design, Development & Mgmt
  • Internet, Cloud, Telecom, Radio, TV, Video & Satellite Systems
  • Internet Services (B2C & B2B)
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Systems & Integration Evaluation
  • Test & Debug of Software & Hardware
  • Analysis & Needs Assessment
  • Data Center Design & Mgmt
  • Electronics R & D
  • Product Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Security Systems
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Distribution
  • Import / Export
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Customer service
  • Vendor Management
  • RFP & Proposal Writing
  • Finance, Debt & Banking
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Accounting, Taxes & Legal
  • Strategic Planning & Budgets
  • Business Intelligence
  • Negotiation
  • Marketing
  • Grant Writing
  • R/C & Remote Control
  • Underwater Systems
  • Hospitality & Lodging
  • Medical
  • Food Production
  • Horticulture
  • Real estate

President, Owner  Imaxinar DM

2016 – to Present – Bellingham, Washington USA

We specialize in “Outside the Box – Inside the Budget”  ideas, designs, and engineering.  Our focus is on developing custom electronics, hardware & software systems for Art, Animatronics, Puppetry, Robotics, and R/C (radio control).  We also provide IT, Internet & VoIP Systems Design / Services & Consulting based on 5+ decades of experience.

President, Director of Technology, Engineer  Thor NorthWest (KAM Systems, Inc. – rebranded)

(27 years) – Palm Beach – Miami – Atlanta – New York – Seattle – With Projects Worldwide

Specialized in providing unique technology, marketing services and consulting to Local and International Clients, Worldwide Governments & Organizations.

President, Director of Technology THORLink

1974 – to Present (45+ years) – Worldwide Custom Secure Communications Portals & Systems

Board Member  Friends of Island Library

2019 – to Present – Lummi Island, Washington USA

A non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides the physical facility, support, and promotes the purposes and activities of the Island Library and its community.

Board Member  Allied Arts of Whatcom County

2019 – to Present – Bellingham, Washington USA

A non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to A vibrant community connected through the arts by Cultivating our creative region by empowering local artists, fostering arts education, and engaging enthusiasts of the arts.

Board Member  Bellingham Metal Arts Guild

2017 – 2019 – Bellingham, Washington USA

The Bellingham Metal Arts Guild (BMAG) exists as a non-profit 501(c)(3), community based membership organization for people with varied skill levels and interests in the metal arts. It provides a forum for the appreciation of and involvement in the diverse field of metal arts through educational activities such as lectures, demonstrations, classes, and guest workshops.

President, CEO & Founder  Synergy Hub

2013 – to Present – Bellingham, Washington USA

An organization Promoting & Empowering STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) & Hobbies that encompass a wide variety of learning opportunities while encouraging further education, imagination, creativity and life-long learning.  Provide Logistics, Support and Services to Organizations to assist in their mission while providing a think tank of professionals to solve education and social issues.  We also design, engineer, and provide new unique things to benefit the Global Community.

Director of Technology  Sevista Technologies, Inc.

2000 – 2002 (2 years) – Atlanta, GA

Application Services Provider (ASP) providing B2B marketing solutions using custom interfaces and wizards driving proprietary e-mail content generation system. Products include newsletters, RSVP Invitations, Surveys, Return On Investment data tracking, Data Transport, and an OEM engine product for use by others needing high speed e-mail distribution.

Responsible for budgeting, selection and purchasing of facilities, services, hardware, software, operating systems, systems design, development tools, database systems, testing, and all related infrastructures. Designed and installed production platform including all servers, routers, firewalls, switches, SSL, load balancing, production & corporate e-mail systems, web sites and remote management & analysis systems. Managed and mentored developers and contractors in design and production of Java, JSP, J2EE, JavaScript, ColdFusion, ASP, XML, and ServletExec based product offerings

Peggy Tate – Cheif Financial Officer at Sevista Technologies
“In working with you, I very much appreciated your innovation and determination for developing cost effective, workable IT solutions. I have great respect for your knowledge, experience and professionalism. You have truly taken our systems to a new level of functions and stability. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you because you were always willing to gothe extra mile to get the job done. Your commitment level was exemplary and in my opinion, you will make a major contribution wherever you go. If I can assist you in any way, please don’t hesitate to let me know.”

Adam Powers – Regional Engineer at InFlow (now SunGuardAS)
“In my dealings with Sevista, Alan Krum has been a pleasure to work with and will be sorely missed by the datacenter engineering personnel. As an Internet IDC engineer, I am often faced with difficult customers that require a high level of operations maintenance and ongoing support. Alan has proven to be a welcomed change from the usual suspect. Alan’s attention to detail, technical prowess and enthusiasm are exceptional. Under Alan’s supervision, Sevista’s Internet applications are a case study in infrastructure management.”

Jim Axelrad – Manager, Field Sales Capability at CDW ● Specialist in Sales Leadership Development ● Business Development Coach
“Alan is an extremely talented IT manager. From basic system design to complete implementation of an ASP with Co-Lo redundancy, Alan can accomplish any IT project. Beyond the technical aspects, Alan has the business acumen to deliver a project on-time, on budget.”

Systems Manager & Architect  Premiere Technologies, Inc.

January 1995 – November 1998 (3 years 11 months) – Based in Atlanta, GA – Projects Worldwide

Provided unified enhanced telecommunications services for worldwide clients & other telecommunication companies. Clients included Bank of America, American Express, GE Capital, Delta Airlines, WorldCom..

Managed IS support & operations for multi-site system: 30+ main servers & 1,000+ sub servers. Determined feasibility, logistics, budget, team assignment, time management, client interfaces & documentation design for all projects. Budgeting cost centers in USA & abroad. Managed/designed software, systems & testing, determined points of critical failure. Designed, programmed, implemented unified multiple-merchant funds system for 400K+ tran & $7.4 million a month; automated accounting audit systems; 135 seat Call center support program, interfaces to 3rd party overflow CSR, statistical reporting, automated real-time software and product upgrade system, telco interfaces, staff management & scheduling. Created support dept for inquiries, reporting, trouble tickets & help desk.

Sean Riley – Software Development Team Lead at IBM Cloud Video (Clearleap)
“Alan managed me at Premier Technologies and was a great mentor to have early in my career. His breadth of technical knowledge and experience is impressive and he is happy to share it with his employees. Alan is a manager who looks out and sticks up for his people. He is respectful and understanding of his employees needs and an all around great manager.”

Design Consultant, Systems Architect (KAM Systems, Inc.) working with Kandel & Associates

1988 – 1997 (9 years) Based in Miami, FL – Projects Worldwide

Interrelated Consulting companies specializing in communications projects for Local, National and International Governments, Agencies and Corporations.

Provided business and communications solutions to corporate and governmental clients in North, South and Central America. Clients such as: Air Puerto Rico Airlines, AntelPack, Banco Union, Banco National, AVX Ceramics, Exxon Latin America, Otis Elevator (CACAO), Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority, International Courier Consultants, South Florida Hospital Association
Examples: Developed Radio Signal Strength tracking system with coordinated GPS location data for plotting the station coverage for US Gov. NOAA Weather Radio. Designed & installed Terrorist Intervention / Tracking System for a major cruise line. Also created a computer controlled cellular system localizer to provide shipboard cellular phone service between the Bahamas & South Florida. Developed and built a mobile hotel check-in system for Sheraton International.

Joel Kandel – Owner and Telecommunications Consultant at Kandel and Associates
“I have known Alan Krum for more than 15 years, and he worked for me for more than seven of those years. Mr. Krum is one of the most competent and knowledgeable managers, computer programmers and systems integrators I have known in the 30 or more years I have been in the telecommunications field.

Our unusual projects conducted in this country and Latin America often consisted of unique integration of radio data links with computer networking in the banking, maritime, and governmental public safety environments. Mr. Krum’s personable and relaxed manner was invaluable in determining the needs, developing the project, and the training of “computer non-literate” clients to take over the operation and management of these systems with little apprehension on their part. This was no small accomplishment in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment”

Director of Informations Systems  Condor Communications, Inc.

1991 – 1994 (3 years) – Based in Miami, FL – Projects Worldwide

Distributor of radio communications equipment producing 43% of Motorola’s international sales; specialized R&D for Motorola, US Government Agencies, Foreign Governments, and Other International dealers.

Created the IT and Purchasing departments. Wrote and/or reviewed all major contracts and agreements. Designed integrated accounting / sales / inventory system with advanced product tracking data to satisfy Motorola’s order needs and provide serial number tracking for warranty and repair support using a multi-printer, high speed custom barcode generation system for radio and warranty tracking. Developed and implemented spread spectrum wireless barcode scanning system to track inventory changes of over $1 million dollars a week through the warehouse. Responsible for advertising budget, marketing materials, and trade show presentations and booths. Revamped additional operation centers of company during growth from sales of $3.5 million to $53 million per year.

Director of Information Systems  Health Crisis Network

1990 – 1994 (4 years) – Miami, FL

Leading Not-For-Profit health and welfare service provider in the Southeast

Directed all IS operations, support systems and trained staff on use of computers. Created client services tracking and reporting system that includes extensive fundraising, multi-tier mailing list support, funds tracking, automatic federal/state/local statistics and demographics reporting for grant compliance

Director of Information Systems  Roland International Corporation

1981 – 1988 (7 years) – Miami, FL

Holding company specializing in real estate, property management, joint ventures, lending and investments for national/international markets

Directed operations of all IS and support departments. Provided services to 104 corporations including several Hotels, Time-Share, Property Management, etc. Designed and supervised construction of all of the data centers. Developed an extensive mass mailing and marketing system, which used gender specific customizations and reduced marketing staff by 16 people. Designed the first laser printer interface to a Unisys mid-range computer system. Developed the first Bar-Coded mortgage payment processing system used on a mainframe.

Manager of Information Systems  Ivory Vanlines, Inc.

January 1980 – December 1980 (1 year)

Consultant to a Household and commercial moving company specializing in government needs with Certificate of Authority in 48 States.

Hired Full-Time for 1 year to transition company for it’s sale & to correct systems. Developed new customer support, dispatch, and tariff tracking & reporting systems which reduced staffing needs and provided state & federal compliance 6 months ahead of past methods.

Data Processing Manager  Nurmi Electronic Supply, Inc.

1976 – 1980 (4 years) – West Palm Beach, FL

Electronics Parts Distributor (Clients included Motorola, MCI, HP, IBM, and others)

Developed inventory, accounts receivable, and shipping systems. Designed new offices and retail sales areas.

1974 – 1976 (2 years) – Palm Beach Florida

Professional association of 43 doctors

Third in command of the medical group, and as such was directly responsible for all data processing, accounting, patient services, insurance, medical records, and credit departments. Corrected their business systems in the first 30 days to totally resolve lost revenues.

Operations Supervisor / Programmer  Perry Oceanographics, Inc.

1972 – 1974 (2 years) – Rivera Beach, FL

Diversified holding company:
Submarine building • Oil exploration • Newspapers • Commercial printing • Cable TV • Scientific engineering • Automobile traffic flow studies • Commercial leasing • Manufacture of prefabricated buildings.

Managed all upgrades through three different computer systems including the first IBM customer conversion from Fortran to RPG II (IBM Alpha & Beta test site). Programmed applications in Fortran, RPG and Assembler. Supervised operations and data entry staff.

For more work experience, details and project information, Please contact me directly.

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